How to post long entries?

I would like to post a long entry (blog?) with many pictures and descriptions but not sure how or what the proper procedure is to go about it on this site.

I am not a fan of linking to a folder of pictures when I am browsing the threads, which takes me out of the thread I am viewing but will if you think that is best.

I want to post a description and pic and so on but not sure what size the pics should be as to not bog down the load times and if it should be one long post of should I break it up . Stuff like that. All of this is probably common knowledge to most of you but new territory for me.

If someone could give me a brief run down about how to post images and a format that is accepted on this site I would be grateful

Thank you for your time

Im unsure of the word limit per post ( there is one), you may need to do multiple posts if its really long, but there nothing stopping you doing it and including pictures. It's not like where on 56k anymore.


just make a few posts consecutively to edit for later, if there is a character limit on posts.

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Thank you Eden and freemynd for your response.

Can you tell me exactly how I add pics to a post?

Adding pictures are easy, you can either post pictures that are local on your machine, or via the web. Just click on the icon and paste away.

If the picture is online you can right click it and either copy the image or the image address, either way it will show up. You can always check the preview to see what it looks like.


Thank you for the very helpful explanation.