How to overclok a GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3

hello i overclock my amd fx 6300 to 4.1 and i test it whit fraps to see any performance diffrence so running starcraft 2 before oc and after oc is pretty much the same fps whit no improvement so i think i might of overclock the wrong way mabie forgot to disable a setting or something so i waunt to learn how to do it again

download CPU-Z and check your cpu frequency. If you are running below the desired frequency, go to the bios. While in the bios, go to frequency settings, then go to core features or whatever its called. Turn off the turbo mode. 

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Why not benchmark your overclock with ya know, Cinebench, or a real benchmarking tool to see performance. Not fraps in Startcraft 2..


Well one thing could be that fraps does use your cpu to measure anything thus lowering CPU performance. However if you were using fraps before to measure the performance then that makes this argument invalid.