How To Overclock?

I am completly new to overclocking but i have learned a few things from overclocking sites,  please do correct me if i am wrong but aren't you meant to underclock say the multiplier and ram and then increase the fsb gradually until it becomes unstable, then take a step back t where it was last stable running Prime 95. Then underclock the fsb and do the same with the multiplier then set the fsb and multiplier to their max stable settings and incresing the voltage if required. Am I sort of right or wrong? Sorry if this is confusing for you and by the way i have an fx 6300 and i want to overclock it as much as i can with my hyper 212 evo. And last question, If I BSOD am i meant to take out the CMOS battery?

just play with voltage and multiplier and call it a day leave ram as it is. overclocking ram is not worth it.

Messing with RAM is half the fun though.