How to OverClock an i5 4670k?

So I have all of my PC parts but I didnt build it yet. Waiting on the case. So how do I overclock haswell? 4670k to be exact. I know you have to raise the voltage and stuff but I am HOPING that my CPU could get 4.5ghz. I dont need more than that. So is there a written way to do it or a very clear video on how to? What is a good voltage for 4.5ghz? What is the MAX voltage that is safe for 4.4 and 4.5ghz? 



so i droped your topic in the overclock section.

anyway, its important to know which motherboard you are using, without that info, we cannot say much about it, because overclock settings on every motherboard is diffrent.

Here this is from the Overclocking section:

This is how I overclocked my i5 4670k to 4.3GHz

AsRock Z87 Pro 4



Its very easy on modern equipment, not like the old days where you would have to change jumpers on the board on your socket 8 Pentium 1 Pro to get a 13mhz OC 

What i did was, put the vcore to 1.2V and the multiplier to 46. Then i stressed using aida64 and checked my temps with hwmonitor for 12 hours and it was stable. I've tried to lower the voltages but than it wasn't stable. I did get to 4.7ghz but than my temps were to high for my liking (80C+).

Did this on a asus sabertooth z87