How to optimize Windows

Hello there, today I will be sharing my tips on how to tweak your OS. I only know how to tweak XP, but if you guys have some advice on how to tweak Vista, feel free to post them. Please note that this is not an XP and Vista-only thread, any OS is tweakable if you ask me.

Tip number 1:

Start/control panel/performance and maintenance/adjust visual effects/best performance

This should turn off all the crap XP has to offer and make it faster.

Tip number 2:

Start/control panel/performance and maintenance/rearrange items..

This rearranges files on your HDD so that they can be found easier and faster. This means better performance when playing games.

Tip number 3:

Do not install custom themes, this eats up your RAM.

Tip number 4:

Download CCleaner and clean your registry and other stuff.

Tip number 5:

RAM Booster. This program is the shit. I use it all the time. It's just like a re-boot for your computer. It's nice if you have your PC running 24/7.

These are my best tips on optimizing XP.

See you around.

[EDIT by Rice] Tweaking is now Optimizing =]

not sure if this is out of date or not:

some performance tweaks for vista

it might help some of you suffering from the transition from xp to vista


here's a link to a series of performance tweaks you can do to xp

I can't find Tip #2 anywhere. >_>

its the last one under "Pick a task..."

Maybe you have "Classic-mode" on. Turn that one off.

if you have classic mode, then just go to start>all programs>accessories>system tools>disk defragmenter

don't forget to disable services "messanger" and if you have win xp pro MAKE SURE you disable "Remote registry" these can be found in control panel>administrative tools>services

A quicker way to get to disk defrag, is to goto the run command, start>run or windows+R:

For XP: put dfrg.msc

For Vista: put dfrgui

i was so confused about the rearrange items thing until i saw what it was, i'm pretty sure more than half of us here know what defrag is, and even if the people reading this doesn't, it doesn't hurt to teach them the lingo

Just click "defrag".

Thanks guys, forgot I was using classic mode. xD

I don't know about you guys, but I set my virtual memory to be a static 6GBs(or 2x the amount of RAM I have, 3gigs). Anyone interested?

iv actually been thinking about doing that for a while, i did it on my old cheep comp with 1gb but never got around to on my gaming machine.