How to OC with windows 10

So as of right now my i5 4670k is at 4.4 GHz all cores. With windows 10 would it be better to keep this as is or maybe OC the first core 4.4, 2nd core 4.0 and leave my last two cores as is?

If I did this step down of core clock speed per core what would the pro's/cons be?

I ask this because if win 10 is going to use all my cores utilization better, does it benefit me to change how I OC my cpu.

thanks for your input.

Its still a beta release, you can make a fair guess how its going to behave but you probably shouldn't overclock on Win10 until its almost ready for release.

I don't think Haswell has per core clock speeds, it does have a per usage overclock. If only one core is being heavily used that one core will turn the dial all the way to 11 and if 2 or more cores are being used then things get a lot more conservative. Its all done automatically so you don't suddenly end up going from a 40 ish watt CPU to 150+ watt CPU in the space of a clock cycle.

If Win10 is going to better utilize all of your physical cores then you're probably not going to see a major benefit to overclocking right now, the biggest possible benefit will be if you could add more cores. Proper use of multi core means you spread the load as evenly as possible across what you've got to get the job done quicker meaning Windows on an overclocked CPU might get a bit quicker but maybe not as quick as a CPU that just has more cores.

Leave it as is.

4.4 on 4 is better than 4.4 on 1.