How to mantain AIO, does it need it? Can't RMA/buy new

Hi everyone, I own a 3 year-old Cooler Master Seidon 120m AIO (this is its website)

Recently I upgraded a lot of hardware, including case and quieter fans and just noticed how noisy the pump is.

The problem is that I don't know if that's its normal noise and the previous fans were so noisy that I didn't notice.

The pump doesn't make grinding or clicking noises, its just loud, could it be that the AIO needs a refill?

I know I don't provide a lot of data but I don't even know what to mention, please help.

PS: The pump is running at its default speed which Cooler Master says should always run at.

This is my pcpartpicker for reference

Unless it has leaked it should be full, other than that just keep a watchful eye on your temps and have an air cooler handy.

Just curious: I read that the tubes are "absorbing" some of the liquid over time. Is this taken into account by the AIO manufacturers?

Hm never heard that before but that would suck.

I know some AIO coolers have a port that you can fill it through but you're asking for air bubbles at thay point which ia death for one of these pumps.

I have refilled some asetek AIO's in the past because the tubes suck up the coolant and stuff grows in the loop after 5 years of use.
The ones i have have all produced a buzzing sound that you can hear when near the case or it quiet, not much you can do about it as it's the nature of what looks to be a shaded pole motor driving the pump.

I think it can be refilled, check this picture

I've never touched but I'm guessing that's the refill port.

Edit: That thing won't loosen, I tried to twist it by hand, like a water bottle. It think it has glue or something :S

It was only in a forum so....who knows if that's true or not.

I just read that my AIO has "dyed coolant, over time those loops can get gummed up from the dye"

Could the pump be working harder to push a slightly more viscous fluid thus making it noisier?


That is a possibility, or it gummed up and has slightly restricted your rad and is putting extra strain on your pump.

It wouldn't be impossible to replace the coolant and hoses and flush it out. It would be messy though.
You are verging on creating your own custom water-cooling loop, especially if you decide to add a reservoir.

As long as the pump isn't the highest point in the system, you shouldn't have any issues with it having air in it.

Ive done that, it's not great and i used a 6cfm vacuum pump to get the air bubbles out, would not recommend.

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I've been watching several videos of before and after bubbles in the pump, I'm pretty sure It's not bubbles, it's just a noise motor.

Oh i don't think it's a bubble but it's almost
Guaranteed if you open an aio

Buy new? I personally wouldn't recommend an AIO... they just have too many points of failure for my liking, and many of the parts that fail can't be replaced like a fan on an air tower... high end air is on par with low/mid AIO and high end AIO is just so much more expensive that cost/performance doesn't really make sense. Also, as you've pointed out, pumps hum. A tower don't do that, 2 fans and it's whisper quiet.

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