How to manage different HDDs for some kind of NAS backup?

I have tons of leftover HDDs of different sizes and ages that I want to put to good use.

So I would like to build a NAS (e.g. backup for unimportant media) where I would hand it 10 different HDDs amounting to 15TB and it would give me an auto-managed storage pool as if I had 2x 7.5TB HDDs mirrored. (and do regular health checks)

Raiding across different old HDDs is probably not a feasible or worthwhile thing. But I at least want a system to send a backup to, and it splits it over one group of hdds and also mirrors that group of hdds onto another group of hhds.

So I'm looking for software that provides this layer of abstraction. Or better ideas.

filesystem: ZFS
method: zpools

Hey that sounds like exactly what I need. [ ZFS/ZPOOL ]

So I should figure out how to build something like a FreeNAS with ZFS.

You can, but you don't have to run FreeNAS or BSD to get ZFS.

I have an HTPC running ubuntu mate, I use a zpool to hold all my movie rips.

That being said, the documentation FreeNAS has about ZFS and how to use it is awesome and worth reading.

I also have FreeNAS running on my fileserver.

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