How to make sure i don't get Windows 10

I really don't want this to happen again... I heard someone mention Never10. How exactly does it work? And what's really a 100% guaranteed method of preventing it without using Never10, although it seems like a good idea anyway. I'm interested in all options, though.

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I've tried Never10 on a Win7 PC by me and it's stopped nagging me to upgrade so that's already a positive.

Never10 is really easy to install - just go to and grab whatever looks good. Problem solved forever!


In fact i don't think Neve10 actually installs anything, just makes changes.

I have 7, i have stopped automatic updates... I couldn't be happier with the final result...


prob just a automated way to change the GWX reg key from 1 to 0

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Unplug your internet. ;)

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If I could just have xp that'd be great


I just run near vanilla windows 7 and disable updating


Install linux.

etc, etc.

Or check out

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XP is crap. Vista was better than XP. Just gonna say it.

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What universe you coming from?

You really are retarded aren't you?

Yes a bit.

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An objective one.


What the hell kind of objective involves vista? The worlds biggest unpatchable memory leak?

The only good thing that came out of Vista was Windows 7. Because, you know, opposite land and everything. Let's see how bad of an operating system we can make and get people to buy it! I really don't understand this world. Questioning fuckups in entertainment and computing is like questioning fucking existentialism. There really is no answer. Simply because it's devoid of so much motherfucking logic that it's simply inexcusable. It makes no sense. I just fucking give up.

But yeah. Downloaded Never10. Seems like a good little tool. Last night I had to wait till 3:30 AM to wait for Windows 7 to update... 236 updates. And they failed. Strange. Never experienced that before.

If I can just have XP.... SOMEONE HACK VULKAN AND DX 10 11 TO IT

The only problem Vista had was it was a transition from NT 5.1 to NT 6.0 (of which Windows 7 is NT 6.1) and OEMs sold shit hardware with Vista.

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Wrong ? Just because you tried to shove a 64 bit os onto a limping 32 bit xp hardware doesnt mean it was crap. Windows 7 shall always be famous for taking your choices away from you and MS becoming a bitch to media industry. Let me see ......the highlights of vista was a fully reskinned everything, media player, docks.......everything. Desktop gadgets for almost any purpose. They took so much away from you in 7 and made it much harder to reskin every little aspect. I won't even go into it how cool it was for multimedia aspect.