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How to make money from extra servers

i have 2 extra servers in a data center that my company it using. they said i could use them for whatever until they need them, if they ever do. they probably wont ever use them.

I won’t have to pay for electricricity or network

what can use them for to make extra side money?

they both have 2 10 core xeons and 256 gb of ram.

any suggestions?

For a greater good, you could run [email protected] (or similar) on them.

Edit: As others have mentioned, verify what you are allowed to do with the servers.


I got the impression that OP wanted to abuse company property for personal gain.
Even if not caught, I did not read it as finding something useful for society as a whole?


Maybe use them as some kind of practice lab or something to improve your own skills?
I don’t think you’ll make a great deal of money directly from their use, but better skills could be better job?


Check your employment contract to make sure any side activities on company property that directly profits you isn’t owned by them, otherwise a lab is probably the best way to play.


I’d be fairly confident that when they said you could use them for whatever, they meant personally for your own development or testing for the company. Not to make personal profit of company property, which no one would in a clear mind let any employee do without a very carefully worded contract on paper.

Id clarify with them what they meant and ask them if you can use the company servers and energy for your own profit.


I’m with everyone here in thinking that it might be slightly very much illegal to do such thing with hardware that you don’t own and without a contract but just a verbal contract out of generosity.
I think [email protected] is the best use for that hardware if you want to do something with those servers. If you don’t just let your company you don’t need them and let someone that needs them use them. Or maybe you could let a school use it if they need it (talk to the company about it).

I made sure that I can make money from it. My boss is chill

Your boss means nothing in the face of employment contracts, I would still review it as a CYA.

Well not necessarily nothing, but the employment contract is a perfect defense in case you ever leave the company or something happens and they may want you to turn over any intellectual data that could be used the benefit them.

I am in the clear it’s a small company and its all good

Try creating and hosting locally an ecomerce site. Make sure you use a “room mate internet account” in case you get hacked it will be on a separate network and IP address.