How to make a VM launch in fullscreen automatically?

Hey guys,

I have a VM with a shortcut on my desktop. I want to be able to click on the shortcut, and it launch the VM in fullscreen. Any ideas?

EDIT: Also, my VM performance is great other than moving windows around and doing anything that is GPU taxing. Any help? I have Intel VT-D enabled, but that didn't seem to help. It is only using my iGPU from my 4790K.


As far as im aware unless you give the virutal machine acsess to your GPU it will use the CPU.

as for the fullscreen part of your post. assuming you are using openbox you used to be able to use this command to change how your vm's launch.

VirtualBox --startvm vm_name --fullscreen

but if you are using a different program i can't help you. unless you are using vmware, in which case you can modify the config file for the virtual machine and tweak the VM interface.

Thanks, but I am using VMWare...

I may be wrong, but if you're in full screen and keep it that way when you shut the vm down, doesn't that tell it to start in full screen the next time its called?
That's how virtual box works, I haven't used VMware in a while so this might not work.
Good luck finding a solution.