How to Make a non-VESA Acer Monitor VESA Compatible [Ghetto Guide] [How-to][56k warning]

note: Feel free to do this differently than I did, this is a guide, not instructions.

other note: the VESA mount I'm using has 75mm and 100mm holes, this will be important later

arm I'm using

my monitors I'm doing this for Acer H236HL

video I got this idea from

Have you been scouring the internet like I have been, looking for a cheap way to make your (Acer) montior work on that brand new arm mount you just bought? Look no further.

First off, this guide is if you have the mount that looks like this \/\/\/\/\/

Step 1

unscrew base and get a reasonably long Philips screwdriver, take out both screws



Step 2

custom brackets

For me I needed three, but make only as many as you need. I started with 16 gauge (~1/16 of an inch) sheet steel.

Each piece was 100mm 4" long by 40mm 1.5" wide. I then measured roughly 35mm 1.375", scribed a line and bent the metal in a brake (hitting it with a hammer in a vise works just as good).

now for hole placement

these are the holes for the monitor mount

The spacing on the mount you removed earlier is 20mm .787", this is important because unless you make really big screw holes, which will result in a loose fit, your holes will not line up. So make it as close as possible. Also center your hole pattern, eyeballing is fine, make it to your own level of quality.

the screws are M4 so something like a 5mm .196" hole is ideal

space them of the edge yay much .146", not super specific, just dont get crazy close to the edge or your holes will be weak

these are for the holes for the VESA arm
two 6mm holes spaced EXACTLY this far apart, its the difference between the 75mm and 100mm hole patterns on the mounting plate

So now you have your complete bracket, use your screws from the original base and the the mount into your bracket

something like this

Time to screw

I used 10-32 x1/2" long screws larger than M4 smaller than M5 and about a centimeter long to bolt it to my arm because its what I had near that size.

tighten the absolute crap out of the first nut and then add another for posterity, if you have nylon lock nuts just use one

As you can see I have some zipties, this is where the ghetto part comes in. If the metal was thicker, like 3mm or 1/8", it probably wouldn't need this, but I dont have metal that thick.

no zipties


you want about this much play in your zipties

the result is...well...some wobble, but whatever

a look at just the completed bracket

if you were just looking for the guide its finished

the rest is about me and what I did


monitors on laptop stands

lets rip everything out



also went from k65 to k95



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I'm afraid for your computer and the catastrophic fate ahead of it. /s
Ghetto engineering/10 GG you showed those monitors who's boss.

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include a warning for the picture size please. took me 8 min to load all pictures with my 90kbs DL at the hotel lol.

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On topic now, I expected something completely different... This works too. Nice job...

'Kay, I can do that.


Needs more ghetto.

I have that exact same monitor. Now I can't wait to do this,

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