How to make a laptop faster?

hi everyone,

how can you make a laptop faster? it's an older laptop with a dualcore i5 3*** 3mb cache, and 6gb ram running windows 7. it needs windows 7 for word powerpoint and excel for school. i probably dualboot with archlinux or linuxmint but windows 7 is really slow with everything. can someone help me? i don't know anything about laptops and windows 7.

A clean install and an SSD upgrade are about all you can do for something like that. You can't easily replace major component on a laptop.

You could also maybe clean out any temp files and run malware cleaning. use this site and find in the downloads; Ccleaner and malwarebytes. run those, and see how it goes for you.

Shutdown startup programs you don't use daily. I personally kill services on mine that I don' t need you can get there by typing services.exe  if you do not use bluetooth, shut that down, if you don't know what is okay go here

DO NOT use msconfig for this.

IF YOU DO NOT do a lot of searching on your PC you can disable indexing by right clicking on C: and going to properties. then, uncheck the index box at the bottom.

Finally, check your disk for fragmentation. defrag if it needs it.

Clean your desktop by creating folders that program Icons go in  IE: games, Tools, leave your browsers on desktop.

PS: a good cleaning tool is CCleaner.

a lot of foto's are stored on the laptop so an ssd is not gonna work well.

thanx, i will try that.

Buying a ssd as previously mentioned is your best choice, it'll be an entirely new pc experience. If you're worried about not having enough storage space - buy a bigger ssd the prices have come down a fair way. Then you can put your old hdd in an external case for which you can have all your stuff backed on it.

Another benefit of a ssd in a laptop is there are no moving parts so even if you're laptop falls of the coffee table whilst on you aren't going have dead, damaged hdd.

Or just run linux and no windows, OpenOffice is compatible with powerpoint and excel files.

i was thinking about this

the laptop is has 300gb storage and it needs the foto storage. 480gb ssd so only use 420gb orso to keep it fast and i believe the crucial m500 is made to be save. i hope the laptop has sata 6gb/s. i also looked at the but a 480gb ssd will be more reliable than a 120gb ssd. but the problem i have with a ssd only system is the virtual memory. that will do a lot of damage to the ssd i think. is it possible to use windows without virtual memory? the laptop has 6gb ram. i probably install linux mint or arch linux looking like mint and windows 7. is it possible to don't use swap on linux?

if i don't need virtual memory or swap on the ssd, a ssd will be pretty good for the price.

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I wouldnt worry to much about windows and virtual memory. With a larger drive the 'damage' to cells is spread out way more than if its a 120gb ssd. The controllers on newer drives do a real good job at managing the nand. Just set the amount it to a minimum if you are concerned. The quality of the nand now is pretty top shelf and will last a good while.

Even if you lappy hasnt got sata3 running a ssd at max sata2 speeds will still be leaps and bounds better than any mechanical drive.

My suggestion, similarly to some others, is to do a clean install and get an SSD.

HOWEVER, since laptops are limited in drive bays, usually just to one, I recommend getting the Western Digital's Black^2 dual drive. It's a laptop hard drive that comes with 120GB SSD for the OS, and 1TB HDD for storage.

It's on sale right now for $200

Of course, since you have photos, you'd want to either do a backup to another drive, or you can buy an external enclosure for $13-$15 on amazon and use current hard drive as external storage or you can copy all your photos back into the 1TB section of the new drive.

Throw it off a cliff?

A SSD or a SSHD upgrade is allways the best way to make a laptop faster there isent much else you can do with a laptop adding in more ram whont make much of a differnce tbh.

it's not gonna be a ssd upgrade but a whole new laptop. a ultrabook prefered 15.6 inch. 1200 euro probably, 1080p, less than 2kg, long battary life. the laptop i have now is ~1-2 hours........... no gpu, it's only for webbrowsing and watching video's etc.