How to make a GUI for c++

I'm getting back into programming C++ and I used to always use command line to run my programs, I'm wondering how do I make a GUI for C++ or implement c++ in any other way than command line.

You could learn the win32 whatever if you're sticking to Windows or you could use GTK or QT for cross-platform.

It doesn't answer your question exactly, but I've found it very simple in C# and Python.

QT is a very high and stable standard. I would highly recommend it. It has implementations in other languages than C++ now too.

Why not just use Visual C++? Is there something wrong it?

SFML and SFGUI is also an option. plus GTK and Qt

I would like to echo the Qt recommendation. One major benefit is that it is cross-platform. Also a lot of people use it, so finding answers is usually just a Google search away.

I do most of my programming in Ubuntu, QT works in Ubuntu?

QT is most widespread and intuitive framework for it. There is another one called WxWidgets, also multi-platform, but does not have that component feel to it somehow like QT does.

Yes, it should be in the software center.

I've just gotten into GUI with C++ and QT creator had been pretty straightforward to me.