How to make a Good parts list

I see alot of people on here in "Help build my rig" threads give links to multiple websites for parts instead of using the most superior site of them all to do it.

On this site you can pick from a list of MOST available new or old computer parts from all the major tech outlet sites and while doing so it will check for compatability issues and even find the lowest price or dicount for the item you want, and veiw bench marks if you want.

When you are all done building it you can give someone a permalink to the parts list and they can edit it and give you a link to the improvements they made.


This is a good site. It takes them a little while to get some of the latest graphics cards such (That's where the term "MOST" comes in) as the Radeon 7990 that as of this last weekend they didn't have it. It took them a week or so to get the Radeon 7970 Ghz edition too. But they add them in a week or two so it's not that bad. Sometimes you might be better off doing a Google Shopping search and might find it cheaper on a not so well known site. PCPartPicker doesn't have mice or keyboards, but there is a big selection of mice and keyboards and you can get them just about anywhere.

But they do.

dropped the price of my rig by $200 vs. all newegg

Saved $500 on my rig by using this site. Unfortunately a 24" quality Asus 2ms response time LED monitor can only go as cheap as $150. But I would have spent $180 if it wasn't for this site.

+1 to country specific deals.