How to make a 2,5 inch HDD works as a USB

I have a 2,5 HDD that i use as an external drive with a USB to SATA cable but i want to use it as a USB Stick so that i can install OSs from it, but it only works when i do a windows media creator but when i try to do the same with rufus it dose not work can

so dose any one know how to make Ventoy work in 2,5 inch external drive

I suppose this is probably bios depended.
If your particular motherboard can boot from an external usb hard drive.
Then it basically should be possible to set that as primary boot drive to put ventoy on.

There are external 2.5inch usb enclosures which you can put internal 2.5inch drives in,
and connect them via io usb port.

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Did you check that you’re using the correct settings with Rufus? It might just be an error on your end because the BIOS doesen’t know the difference between an hard drive and a USB stick. It just sees a bootable partition from a USB drive and uses it.

Check this video to make sure you’re doing everything correctly:

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its not that the thing is that when i make it bootable with windows media creator tool it works

As I thought Mystery alluded to, [but on re-reading, Not the same] not all mainboards will boot from all USB ports, even though it is a standard. Might need to try a few, especially try USB2 ports

But I think OP just needs to ensure the boot partition has the “boot” flag set.
Can be done in linux via gparted etc, and Must be possible in Windows, but I only remember the diskpart way, not a gui way…


I use ventoy to create flash drives to load an os onto a pc. I don’t know if it will work for and external drive. Key benefit of ventoy is that if you want a window iso or 2 (xp / 7 / 10) and a few linux distros as well all you need to do is drop the iso onto the drive and then boot from said drive and choose the iso to boot into.

It’s what been working for me. My $0.02 for what it’s worth.

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