How to magnetize your screwdrivers


Just buy magnetized screwdrivers lol.

If youre building a pc, its highly recomennded with magnetized ones... Sucks when you loose a screw into a small place you cant pick it up

I just turn my PC over and shake it

sweet i deleated it

Guys, easy thing to do. Really. Get a regular magnet. And stroke it across the metal part of the screw driver about a dozen times. I shit you not. It works.

the magnet idea works but if you want a more manly way then stroking something, take a hammer and place the screw driver flat on a really hard surface and hit the hell out of the area near the tip itll give you about a minute of magnitism


i swear it works, my dad showed to me, he said somethin about the sudden spike in force messes with the atoms or somethin making it magnitize, i think he was fully of it and trust trying to sound smart for his son lol

Rub your screwdriver with a really strong magnet. Thats how I do it.