How to live-channel?

We really need to petition Logan to continue his "How to live" cooking/lifestyle channel, it seems to have been forgotten and that's really a shame.

With copious amounts of beer of course, he could be the next Keith Floyd!

I was thinking about this the other day. Qain said he was trying to make a video one time but with only him the camera work was a mess so he stopped. I would like to see more.

Agreed. I'd love to see such content from these guys. Plus I can really use some fresh ideas in my kitchen :P

If they are able to fit it in their time schedule without interference with other things then it would be great. If not then just having on the side for fun to do once in a while is good as well.

I am really looking forward to see some more content on this channel, I think Logan has just lots of things to do. And making a video of yourself cooking after you did a few videos already, can be exhausting I guess.