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How to link Patreon profile to forum account?

I hope I’m not too boomery asking this question since I have very limited experience with social media-related stuff.

I have a Patreon subscription with the same user name and am wondering how to connect my forum user account to it so that I get that nice emotionally validating checkmark next to my profile picture?

Thanks for the help!

I think it is done through the email address.
Shout @sgtawesomesauce and ask him/her kindly? :wink: :kissing_heart:

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It should link via automatically associating the email with your patreon account unless anything has changed.

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Do you also mean OP should call on @ moderators instead of poking Sarge in the inbox?

We can’t do anything. Sgt can check the plugin but it should just be a case of using the same email and letting the plugin do its thing. Pretty sure it runs periodically.

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It is pretty magical, when it works…

Then it makes sense since I use different email addresses for my various accounts so that if one gets burned due to a platform’s security issues I know who to blame.


Admins can manually link it IIRC.

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That’s a good idea.
My credit company doesn’t think so though.
Literally comparing email address as a part of my I’d?
Tooootally off topic…

Let me dig through and see if we have That option.

EDIT: I can’t find anything about it. There’s something nebulous about “secondary emails” but I can’t set them. (that might be an archive for when you change your email address)

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Hmm, I could have sworn I’ve seen @wendell say he can give it to people that don’t have matching emails.

Could easily be making something in my memory up though.

I added you to the ‘patron’ group on the forum, you should have the checkmark now!



I promise not to cancel my Patreon subscription so that the bequeathed checkmark won’t get abused :wink:

One of Us!, One of us!..

Well, as Krista pointed out, we can add people to the group, but I prefer the actual staff interact with the patreon groups, just because there’s money involved in that perk. I don’t particularly like the idea of getting in the middle of that.