How to limit the available resolutions to windows/nvidia?

I’m having a bit of a User/Tech Problem here (not sure wich).

I’m running a 1440p 144Hz Monitor. In random situation, when i fiddle with my 3 Monitor alignment or such i realize that my nice high refreshrate monitor is running at 60Hz in Nvidia Settings. It’s noticable even on the desktop when switched, but often times, i just don’t specifically look for it and realize a bit later.

I’m not sure what the reason for this is. Could be driver updates resetting it, Nvidia settings and windows settings conflicting or some other changes i do resetting those things. But what ever, i want this to stop.
The only way to reliably have an eye on this is the FPS overlay from my monitor, but its huge and yellow, so, no thanks.

There is NO situation where I’d ever want to run lower than 144Hz on that screen. Is there an option to delete each and any resolution in nvidia settings or windows other than the 144Hz ones? Effectively forcing the display to always run at high refreshrates?

Also, is there a tray application or any small desktop overlay or such to show the current configuration so i can keep an eye on it and see, wether it’s me changing stuff or when this happens? It’s quite frustrating to check nvidia settings after every game launch or restart of the PC.

I know for over clocking monitors on AMD Cards there is an EDID editor that was used for adding other higher refresh rates, but yih could also.view edit and delete the other ones.

I know nvidia have their own method for this build into the drivers but I don’t know if that can delete existing ones. The other one will work anyway just might save you a download and few clicks if the inbuilt one works.

There is a guide on here, sorry to leave you to search only on a short break.

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Ok After some digging, i assume you are talking about CRU?
I’ll test this tool later, when i’m home. Looks promising though.

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As always, make a backup of the existing o e before you mess around with it just in case.

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