How to install backup of WoW from external HDD?

Ok so I backed up World of Warcraft to my external HDD back in late December. I just recently did a fresh install of Windows 7. Do I just copy the WoW folder from my external HDD to my Program Files (x86)? And then run a certain .exe from there to install or update WoW?

I would assume you just drag the folder over to your HDD and run the .exe and it should patch itself.


I'm trying to avoid downloading hours of patching. So which .exe do I run? There are a couple different .exe files.

When you backed up the game did it have the latest patch? If it did I would assume you just need to drag it over and play. If a new patch has been released since your backup you're going to have to run the game and get the patches. Unless someone else has another solution.

copy your data to the harddrive you want. Go to and download the wow installer and get it to install to the directory you copied your files to. It should check the files already there and only download what it needs besides that.