How to Improve WiFi Speeds?

I have shitty ass speeds on my dad's WiFi. I live in the USA, and get "Excellent" connection according to Windows. I can barely get 1 up and 3 down.

Picture showing proof:

Well, for starters, do you know what speeds you're paying for? For all we know, these could be exactly what you're paying for in, and in this case there is no way to speed it up.

Just to clear things up, when windows says 'Excellent' connection, it's referring to connection with the router, not the actual internet speed. As MikeHunt said, you might be getting what you paid for. Here in Australia, it's very rare to see an upload speed faster than a download speed, as we average about 1.5mbps upload. Okay, that was irrelevant.


As MikeHunt said, this could be your internet speed (a very odd one at that)

Can you test the speeds again wired directly to your router? To see if the issue is indeed the wireless or the internet service itself.

This is what I get from my desktop PC connected to the router by around 10 meters of twisted pair.

This is what I get from my laptop connected through wi-fi 5 meters away from the router.


And without the router:


Router is Asus WL-520gC

Your internet speed all depends on your ISP. If you have a sheety ISP like me with no other choice, then you're stuck. If you can change plans or even ISP, do so.

Connected to the router:

I'm not too sure how much the cost is. I think around $15 per month. It might be just the router.