How to have A VPN running on my router

I have a tp link tl-wr940n router and I want to know if there is any firmware out there for it that can allow me to use a service like privateinternetaccess so Comcast wont throttle me because of netflix and other stuff like that. I have heard of DD-WRT but I'm confused on how I would install it.





Look at DDWRT and Tomato and see if your router can run either of them. 

Routing all network traffic through a VPN is taxing on a router so you will need at least 256MB of RAM on your router.

You can set up individual computer to connect to the VPN if it is OSX or Linux it is built in and there is VPN software for Windows. 

Most VPN providers will supply you with a Windows Clinet.

There are install guides on Both DDWRT and Tomato's Wiki pages so you will find that info there

go to private internet access and look in there forums and check how to use "openvpn" on dd-wrt .

if you have dd-wrt installed on your router you are able to use your PIA information to set up a pptp or ovenvpn connection.

like it was said in other posts it is taxing on your routers hardware.

If you don't have good enough router hardware, try pfSense. I've got a pfSense box running on a 1.24ghz single core, so pretty much anything with more than half a gigabyte of RAM will be fine.