How to go about refilling a liquid cooling system

I ordered my PC from ibuypower and got their standard liquid cooling system with a 120mm fan. I realize this is probably shit but I have to deal with it for now. However, it's been about a year since I've had it and I have yet to replace the coolant. I haven't been able to find a good guide showing what kind of coolant to use though I have heard of Distilled water with some kind of antimicrobial agent in it.

The reason why most LCS guys would recommend to use distalled water with silver coils (for example) is becuase some pre-dyed coolants can percipitate; meaning that the actual dye from the liquid will seperate from it, overtime and leave coloured dye clogging the channels inside any waterblock. We have a user here on the forum who's very into liquid-cooling and he had experienced that before. It's lucky he knew that before more problems arise.

Well for the silver coils you need to have a reservoir right? I don't think my P.O.S Liquid Cooling System has a reservoir. :c

Yes you do need to have a reservoir. This is where you would also need to refill the liquid.


I personally just use distilled water and some algicide (with copper sulfate), usually just takes one drop for 500ml-1L of water and works perfectly.

Guys he has a closed loop system, like the corsair H line, I believe. Bladerunner if I am right you don't need to refill the loop.

Just out of curiosity, could you use something like a G30 long life coolant that you'd normally use in a car? Those are very low reacting coolants that are very corrosion inhibitive.

so does that mean on (for examle): a corsair h100 a LIQUUID cooling system you do not need to put fluids in it?