How to get Windows7 For Free?

Didn't know where to put this, so I just put it here. Basically, I'm building my computer in a few weeks, and want to know if there is anyway of getting Windows 7 for free? I want to instead of using the disk, use a USB if possible.


Thanks in advance.

You can get the ISO from lots of places.  Somewhere there's a forum post of legit places to get the ISO and converting it to usb loader is super easy.

You have to pay for a key from Microsoft.  Pirating is naughty.  There's no legit way I know of obtaining a reg key from MS without giving them monies. 

What does an ISO do? I'm sure I seen somewhere there was a programme that changed your W7 status to bought.. ICR where it was though..


google is your best friend

nope, not unless your in a college that is a part of MSDN. 

stop being so needy man,  BE A MAN

You could always use a flavour of Linux whilst you save up enough money to purchase Windows. Either that or sail to the bay of pirates.


I have definitely exercised my right to free software through MSDN lol. Then again I pay over $9k a semester in tuition alone, then an additional $250 for an "Information Technology Fee". Maybe free isn't the proper word :(

PIRATEBOY.SCCC...i used a usb to install legal copy...


u need help installing i be happy to assist ^^

Here you go.


This tool from microsoft easily makes your usb drive a bootable usb drive. As for the free copy of windows 7 you have to do that yourself ;)

*cough*installLegitwWndowsThroughMethodsAbove*cough*use3dayTrial*cough*in3DayTrial use winloader to make windows genuine....*cough*

Life is good

I personally don't like the USB installer made by Microsoft. It has failed me too many times. I use PowerISO instead. A lot more features.

And you can get WIn7 free through: winning a contest, given to you as a gift, you find a licence on the street or something, steal, or be Jack Sparrow

Just get windows 8 pro for 15 bucks legally. Call it a day.

Walk into a local BestBuy/Futureshop/Staples and steal a copy off the shelf. If you're not willing to do that, you shouldn't be willing to pirate it.

You could also just download the legit ISO and run it as a trial for up to 90 days then just format and install it again for a new 90 days and keep repeating.

Windows 8 is just $40 if you use the download. Seriously, are you that cheap?

Yup, can get a legit windows for under $20.  Unless you're in elementary school then just buy it.