How to get started?

Hey everyone, I'd like to start a career in development or coding and I'd like some input on a good path to start. I am in finance right now, and quite frankly, it really sucks. I have always been fascinated by coding and want to pursue this path.

where should I start?

I think web development would be especially fun, since I did some of it in college and HS.. but is it a good career choice?

Also would like to know more about app development or even DevOps, since that seems to be hot now.

Please help guys. I've always respected this community and would love some input!


I assume you've done a quick Google search and found the obvious things like so start there with HTML , CSS and Javascript (if you want to do web development) then go on to these things.

github repository of free programming books -
Want to know more about git? Do this -
Regularly updated with lots of ideas to spark ideas and tutorials -
Inspiration and quick coding sessions -
Like podcasts? Add this one -

There's so much info out there and this doesn't even start to cover the expanse of knowledge that is development but the more you learn the easier it is to find new stuff to learn.

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