How to get RAID card working on Win10 ASUS X570 motherboard?

I have a MegaRAID SAS 9265-8i that works fine on my old AM3 motherboard with Windows 7 without even going into BIOS (i don’t think it even has UEFI)

I put it into an ASUS WS X570-ACE and i get Windows 10 blue screen on boot: IRQ NOT LESS THAN OR EQUAL or something like that.

I tried many various options on the last menu tab, something called CSM (Compatibility Support Module) but i was not successful. I tried switching the PCI-E slot to RAID mode as well – it didn’t help and switched back to standard. Also enabled “interrupt 19 capture,” it didn’t help.

I’m looking for the secret sauce and i’m sure someone here has it!

I slept on it and the answer hit me as soon as i woke up.

Need to install Windows drivers



Extract, right-click on .ini file, select “install.”

All works.

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