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How to get pictures off your Iphone when all you use is Linux and have a tinfoil hat


I have this hand-me-down IPhone, no Apple Account (nor do I want one), and Linux machines for everything. Getting my pictures off my phone to store somewhere was a bit of a challenge. I wanted to purge some of the videos and pictures off my phone to free up space, but save the pictures w/o using a cloud service, like Google.

In order to do get around this I:

  • Spun up a VM on my home proxmox host,
  • Installed CentOS7,
  • Installed NextCloud,
  • Self Signed Certed the server,
  • Took a very underutilized machine that runs 24/7 at my house and mounted the data directory for NextCloud to it Via webdavfs for backups,
  • Setup an rsync job to get new files from the NextCloud sever each night (I’ll probably up this to every hour).

The last step is to mount a USB to the machine which is rsyncing the data from next cloud and copy it to both the HDD and the USB drive which I’ll swap out when it fills up (redundant storage).

It’s kind of cool to be able to go take pictures with my phone, go home, upload them to the locally hosted NextCloud and then toast the ones I don’t won’t from my phone and know I have them backed up.

Anyways, that’s my cool story. Now, I’m out.

Edit: I ntfs’d a USB stick and now have an rsync job for the backup drives data to backup to. Gotta have that redundancy.