How to get my 'real' non-generic Win10 product key?

Hey everyone,

I used to have a GPU passthrough setup, and for reasons am having to set it up again. But I'm running into issues with activation on my new Win10 VM.

I've been running ProduKey on my native install to get the key.

I just realized that it's been grabbing one of those generic keys that don't actually mean anything.

How can I get my real key, so that I can at least do a phone activation? Thanks everyone.

Edit: I lost my original file that had my real key, so can't get it by that means anymore.

Wonder if Belarc advisor will pull the win 10 keys ?

yup :stuck_out_tongue: one of my fav old school tools


Hmm, it still shows the same key.

My current Win10 install was activated during the install where you hit 'I dont have a product key' and it shows up the one I want because it's saved in the motherboard (Thats how it works, right?) so I'm thinking that's screwing with it... how annoying.

There is a vm section in that ? Yes, the new system saves the original install key.

Well, I'm running Belarc from my native install and is showing this generic key, presumably because I picked from what was saved in the MOBO. Could it be hiding the real key in that case?

Feeling a little screwed over here, just spent a fair deal of money on the next college term and can't afford even a 'sketchy' windows 10 key properly.

Any back ups/system restores on the original install key ? Will your rollback feature get you back on the original key ? Other than that I am not sure. I am always careful about saving the original install keys. You might be able to use an old copy of windows 7 or 8 to gain a new key for 10. Write down the new key once you get fully upgraded to 10. Just be sure to make a new usb installer for 10.

Try this handy tool,

If your product key is embedded in the firmware there is a premium version that will dig it up for you but I've had success with this tool for many different applications