How To Get Freebies Or Get Hardware

How To Get Freebies Or Get Hardware Just what the title says really... I have a youtube channel and i need some hardware and other stuff to review ... hard to do reviews without an actual product ... any help?

Write and request. You will have to start small, you won't be allowed to touch the latest graphics cards until you are established. Manufacturers are happy to send stuff out to people to review/do unboxings, but you have to return them promptly.

I have done that with a few comapnies and havent even gotten a reply a month later. .... My channel isn't the greatest, kind of like the tek but I havent had much time to experiment between school and a job.

Check Out The Channel? Dalton59.

I've seen some really bad channels that have been able to review hardware. Really young kids without a proper setup. Your channel is better by comparison. I don't know how those kids get lucky.

So ... How should I approach sending a letter ... to them like what should it include lost my format letter a while back.

There's no way of dressing it up. Just explain that you cannot afford things. I know that may appear a little plain and simple, but there are no two ways about it. Make sure you approach the right department. A letter to the wrong section will often get lost.

Show your maturity by demonstrating your understanding of procedure. That the goods will be returned. I'll let you know if I think of anything else.


Thats Pretty much what I was thinking... 

Yeah, I know it isn't a magic secret answer. Hard to get started. When I rebuild my system, I'll probably just stick to games, maybe upload some games content. It might be the better way to boost your channel, if you include games footage? Just a suggestion

You might be able to email Logan here at TS. He worked for Tiger Direct and he obviously does reviews.

Try starting small like asking for USB sticks/HDDs/Fans/Keyboards and things like that antill your chanel grows.

Look for the underlooked brands that are less known and ask them thay are more likely to try you out-It never hurts to ask.

Thanks guys for the feedback,,, my channel will have a haswell build once haswell comes out! So tell your friends and once again thanks!

I've been thinking about this as well. So far i'm very early on making my third video tomorrow. Each friday i create a video called GNR with a guest (co-host) we cover Gaming,News and reviews. Problem is, there is nothing to review, all the stuff i have is small and i'm currently saving for a new PC so don't want to have to spend anything. How big would my channel have to be before i can start to borrow hardware in order to review ? 

To be honest there's already a lot of people doing the same sort of reviews on youtube. That's why there's not a lot of call for more of them. Companies will only send free stuff if they think they will profit from it by making other people want to buy their products.

It takes a lot of work to create an established channel, something that all the youtube wannabe kiddies will never understand.

You need a better set and camera.

AND you should also try doing something better/different from all of the other youtubers.

I checked out your channel, and most likely they do not send you free samples because your videos are not that good. Not trying to offend you, but the camera and microphone you have are shite.

Keep us up to date on this one! I'm interested to see how it goes! I'm not sure whether I've got the right channel so could you give examples of what video's you got up? I'm looking at an iPhone unboxing of Corsair Vengeance atm?