How to get files off an IDE HDD

I have an IDE HDD with files that I need on it however, my old PC which ran the IDE HDD now does not turn on at all. How would I be able to get the information off of the Hard drive? Will I need to put it into a desktop that can run an IDE hard drive or is there another way?

You could turn it into an external drive and have something post data dump.

Thanks for the feedback, I shall try them out. :)

literally any computer made before 2007 and a flash drive

Unfortunately no one I know is willing to let me put my IDE HDD into their computer to get my files, thanks for the feedback though. :)

Get a IDE to SATA converter, they are like £5.00

I bought a hard drive dock earlier this year, very well worth the price. I have really good performance with this little dock. Some people said in had some incompatibilities with some of the WD drives, I've yet to see that happen. I also like the fact it can do any hard drive. You can hook up via USB or Esata. This hard drive dock really became crucial for my videos and getting peoples data.