How to get files from a phone with a broken screen

My phone got pushed off my desk and now the lcd panel is dead. I have some crap on there i would like to get off but as it has android 6 it has that gay mode where you have to tell it to usb disk mode. i have tried unlocking it but i think capacitive panel is dead also. its an Samsung galaxy j3v6 from Verizon.

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Is the screen completely dead or can you still see stuff? the last time this happened to me I used an OTG cable to connect a mouse and used that to access stuff so I could preform a backup but I had to connect a bluetooth device in the end because I needed the usb cable to be connected to my computer so I used the OTG mouse to enable bluetooth and then used my DS4 controller as an input device.


If it needs to be put in file transfer mode before it allows you to access the internal memory, your only option is to get another screen, I'm afraid. Talk with a couple of local repair shops, see if they can help at a reasonable price.
If it's just for data recovery, a complete installation of the screen isn't needed. You may be able to buy a screen, have it hooked up, recover your data and then sell it on Ebay again.

Well, if you phone was in developer mode you can just use adb through usb to pc.

(basically ssh through usb)

when you crack your srceen you can push in certain areas to make it active again and use the touch screen. Will have to push quite hard most times but might work

Ok thanks

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It was but it would disable it all the time.

@Dje4321 Its completely dead.

Doesn't Samsung have a software for backing up a phone? I remember using it years ago to copy the contact list of a client to a new phone.

Maybe the program could let you access the phone without having to select the USB mode.

adb pull /path/to/sdcard /path/to/local/folder/todumpfiles

What I did was:
Get a micro-USB to HDMI cable, a micro-USB to USB cable, USB mouse and a Bluetooth mouse.
Charge the phone.
Plug it into HDMI display to see where I need to go then plug in the USB mouse and try to navigate to the Bluetooth settings. It takes a couple attempts to get the Bluetooth mouse connected but once it is you can use that and the HDMI display to access your phone.

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I found the files that i needed on my old phone.

okay, try connecting it with pc. if the screen still runs in the background, at east you can recover the data. if that isn't possible, the changing the screen is your only bet. unless the important chunk of the data is already over g drive in which case i'd suggest you to do as you please because your data is already safe and changing the panel or not wouldn't really mater.

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