How to get a city interested in getting fiber

as my titsl states how do i get people interested in setting up an isp running on fiber and whet do i began. the teck talks about municipality all the time but no directions.sorry for gramer and spelling i am legally blind and on a phone this is hard.

If I remember correctly from some of the episodes of the Tek, most places will not allow a municipal run ISP. But that is just the companies being greedy. If you are in an area like that maybe a title 2 infrastructure they run may work and have a local company be the ISP. regardless of how that would be run in your area you would still have to convince them to do it, which I can not help you with. I am interested on getting this done in my area as well.

To follow up on your comment here's a story from ARS that lists 20 different states that have enacted some form of legislation to slow, stop, or prohibit cities from building their own networks....its a good read.

And a semi related topic just posted today....

Don't talk to their heart, or sense of logic, they have none. Talk to their wallet, high speed internet is good for business.