How to fix a bleeping capacitor?

Dear Tek,

i need help with a bleeping capacitor (maybe its the wrong word ; ( ? ) on my graphic card. It's a high-pitched sound comming from my graphic card, sometimes hardly audible.

It's doing this sound since a week and the sound is transmitted over my stereo, esp. the sub, a Kustom PA112S.

Right now iam using a FGA-35 Massetrennfilter (a noise filter [german]) to prevent the sound, but iam still able to hear it comming from the graphic card.



My Setup;

Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 720

GIGABYTE Geforce GTX 660 Ti OC

Auzen X-Fi HomeTheater HD

OCZ RevoDrive 120GB

Asus M5A99X Evo

AMD FX-8150

16GB of Kingston HyperX 1866

Some Hitachi HDDs



Dxdiag is here.

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If you could put that DxDiag in a PasteBin and just link it here, that would be great.

Also, the coil whine you are hearing is most likely an issue with the PSU, or your GPU overclock. When you send more voltage through it, it changes various resonances, and when they're in sync, they can cause the whine you hear.

Reformat your post, so people can actually read it. 

Expect this is a coil whine issue, but cant read it due to the huge cut and paste fucking up the page layout. 

try changing the power supply unit it fixed the problem for me a while back when i experienced it

Thank to the Mod who fixed the post :)

I tried two different power supplys, it changed nothing

I tried different drivers, nothing.

The GPU isn't overclocked by me.

It doesn't depend on the GPU load, already checked it.