How to find the Wifi password you are connected to?

Hello Comrades.

So, in my school, there are 3 wifi networks. The first is for the teachers, so nothing about that. The other is an open public network for all students which covers the whole campus but is insanely slow. The last is an gigabit network solely for the library and is password protected. All the computers in the library are connected to them through wifi and I wanted to know, if there is any way I could find the password. 

I did play around on the computers. First of all, they run XP(What did you expect?). So if i click on the connection properites, unlike Vista and above, their is no option to reveal the key. Also if I click the password field, it errases the password. I can't install programs because the accounts have limited permissions.

Is their any way else? Anything would work.


just use the registry!