How to find a Stolen Android? Need help

My friend had his Samsung note II stolen last night.. first it was left in the taxi, but then when calling it, the person on the other end just answered and immediately hung up.

I have looked into locating apps that you can force download on google play, but plan B only works in teh US. (we are english teachers in South Korea.

Anyway, The phone was a recent gift to him, and freaking loves his phone.. its the expensive international version.

If anyone knows how to locate it please give me advice.

He went to the service provider this morning and all they could tell him is that it was turned off at 9:05 pm last night.


Call in the IMEI number so that the SIM card is blocked in case you can't apply the following:

Samsung provides a functionality that allows locating the phone, remotely wiping the phone and locking it, if that service was enabled. It's available through the find my mobile web page.

Otherwise, I just hope it was fully encrypted, so you don't have to call everyone to notify them that their data was leaked...

Thanks, hopefully there is more that can be done. Like someway to track the phone or something. When the phone is called it still rings, but the phone was turned off at that time and thats all according to service provider.

You could try to download an app like wheres my droid remotely on google play, and if he opens it use the command word wmd gps where it will re text you back the coodinates, but chances are he wiped it already or he wont open the app.

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