How to externally display system performance information?

Hey, I was wondering is there a way to display information such as CPU usage, memory usage, CPU and GPU temps, HDD space and others on a smaller screen? IS there a dedicated product for this? I like the idea of Rainmeter but I don't really want to have to tab out of a game or open up another window to see all that information, I'd rather look at another screen. You might say "why don't you just get another monitor?" well, I don't have much space and it would be nice to have it all shown in a smaller form factor as a whole monitor for that stuff is a bit overkill.
Thanks for reading my post I look forward to your replies.

I had a play around with Roccat power-grid a while ago, it might be what you're looking for

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That's great thank you so much!

You can set up some monitoring software that sends data to grafana service. Grafana runs on a server, a raspberry pi could possibly run it (don't know if it has enough performance though, but it should be enough for a single pc).

This would make monitoring, stats, history completely externalized. Also if you can make it available outside of home, you can watch it anywhere, you can customize graphs however you want. It's a really flexible system, we use it at work to monitor hundreds of servers.