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How to exchange litecoin to USD

How and where can you exchange litecoin to usd.

Mods please leave this in general, I want a fast response and I need it now and it will take a while in the litecoin section.

Also how do I start mining litecoins.

Might be better to post this in the litecoin section... 

Agreed. Stop being so lazy.

He put it in general because he wanted a fast response, not because he was lazy.......You would have known that if you were to actually read the post and not be lazy.

Rant over.

I said I wanted a fast response and the litecoin section hasn't been active in 2 days, leave it in general please.

Look, there will eventually be users here to help you out in the nick of time. If you want a quick help, there's a Lounge thread. Your ignorance will only make the forum look like a teenager's bedroom.

As you moved the thread and gave a lousy excuse in defence, I'll put this thread under moderation.

Ignorance is not wanting to learn, I am asking a question and wishing to learn so that is not ignorance. The lounge sub forum is very active and my post would get lost in no time. The litecoin forum has been inactive for 2 days so thats whybi out in general. Also I'm pretty sure general includes everything.

No one is offended to bump up their own question if it gets buried. But having the threads organised will not only keep the forum look sorted but it will encourage users to wither consider themselves of they posted in the correct section or teaching them to post in the correct forum. At the moment what you're showing is how to make the forum look like a teenager's bedroom; not caring for less to post in the correct forum. Continuing so will result more new users (especially users who never been on a forum before in their life) following your same actions. This forum has grown and I do not want to see more than 10000 users blindly posting wherever the like.

So I'm not bothered with whatever question you're asking (as long as it belongs to this nature) but post in the appropriate forum and have patience, otherwise, just bump up your thread till someone responds. I have posted a thread with a question and no one bothered to look at it. Even so, I didn't cared. And I know that the community only has this hardware/PeeCee gaming-side indulgence so your response will be limited for now, but look ahead, hopefully there won't be a hardware/PeeCee gaming-sided person or more than one. We would agree that help and support on this community will stay at maximum and at full productivity. And you also got to take note that the site isn't up to standard yet, so that's why you won't get the best reliability as you want.

most people watch the feed anyways

he edited his post after i posted...