How to dual boot starting with windows 7

Hello fello tech persons :D
I always corrupt both OSes when i do this so i need some help.
I am planning to install arch linux as a dual boot on my laptop.
I have windows 7 installed already .
I love the look of linux honestly and want to have it installed since i used it heavily on my IT course .
Thanks for the help beforehand.

Shrink you windows partition in windows. Use Win32diskimager to make a usb.

Fallow the Arch install guide on their wiki and be super sure you aren't over writing anything windows related.

If you are new to Linux I suggest you install and easier to install distro, but if you like a challenge Arch Linux is one of the most rewarding OSes I have ever used.
Have you ever installed Arch before by itself or is this your first time?

First time.
Was recommended by a friend.

Ubuntu gives you an option to install along side windows, that would be the easiest option. Just make sure you backup everything before trying Linux.

you might trying booting with systemrescuecd and use gparted to shrink the windows partition and create the linux part + swap out of the freespace. gparted is a gui tool and is extremely easy to use. you can also format the ext4 and swap part there and when in arch simply mount / on the ext4 /dev and swapon the /dev that is swap.

if you've got 2 hdds in your system just unplug the windows one, make a small partition 60-100gig on the 2nd hdd, install linux there.

Saves you stress and makes it easy to remove in a snap if you so desire.
You then just choose the hdd you wish to boot from at boot