How to dry a psu

Anyne got tips on how to dry a psu Antec HCG 520W . Was sprinting in the rain due to bloody melbourne weather. By the time that i got onto a bus the bag had open itself due to the springting where the psu is. The psu came inside of a plastic bag covering most of the rain except for the back part where the connectors are. I had some tissue on hand and dried it off. Any tips? Also the cables got damp as well

I bought the psu second/third hand and did not get home in time home before the rain started

Cup of rice and a sealed plastic bang in a warm location.

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Rub it with a dry clean towel, and maybe use a room fan on it afterwards.

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Multiple silica packets like the ones that come with electronics/ shoes and other water sensitive products.
Maybe put it in a hot press/ boiler room with the packets around it within a plastic bag with rice to try drive all of the moisture out .
Just make sure it's out of the reach of pets since the silica is toxic it ingested

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Either of these unless you've got a vacuum chamber and pump lying around.

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And a Psu suitable bell jar / vacuum chamber

I said that.

To be honest I wouldn't bother with all those fancy solutions unless I needed the PSU right away (and got nerves of steel when turning it on). I'd just leave it somewhere warm a couple of days, like a week should definitely be enough. Got a car that sits in the summer sun all day? Perfect!

I once poured an entire mug of coffee on top of an open laptop. Disassembled it and left it in the summer sun for 3 days straight (took it in at night of course). Wouldn't turn on. Left in the back of a car the next afternoon and by then It had dryed out enough so it just turned on by then. However, I wouldn't recommend trying to turn it on before you are absolutely sure it is dry, but maybe this can give you an idea of how long it can take.

I'm in australia, its winter here and in most places we don't get snow. It's just rain and cold.

For what I did I grabbed a hair dryer and stuck my finger at the connectors while blasting it away so it doesn't get too hot. Then I grabbed a heater and whack it into my room and let it sit near the heater for an hour or so until the room got toasty warm. I haven't used the psu yet since i still need parts for it for a build.


Sounds like a good solution. I wouldn't be 100% confident that it's dry and if you're worried, you can always open it up to look at the components. Warranty is probably void from water anyways.

If you open it be sure to stick toilet paper or paper towel or something under the capacitors to be sure there isn't anything hiding in there.

My recommendation would be keep it somewhere warm and dry for at least 3 days or until the parts for your build are ready. If you have a room with a dehumidifier, that would probably be your best option. Try to keep the humidity down and the temperature up.

Cracked it open and only the connector pcb got a bit wet and it seemed that it. Saw nothing else but a fair amount of dust. yeah gonna keep my room warm in the next few days if possible.

I wouldn't be concerned if it was just the connector. Obviously playing it safe will be good.

the pcb for the connector has a good length to it so its fine.