How to disable splash screen when booting in linux mint 20

Been trying to remember what the command is to disable the splash screen when my machine boots up.

i know it can be done, i did it with ubuntu 20.04. But I no longer have that to look at the grub edits I did. Can anyone remind me what the instruction is to disable the splash screen at boot?

Remove “splash” from /etc/default/grub at the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT= part.

Update grub to reflect the change.
sudo update-grub


If that does not work for some reason, try to press the escape key after booting from grub. You should start seeing dmesg scrolling. Figure out if your system is using Plymouth or not. If Plymouth is being use, then just uninstall it.

thanks! that worked! i knew it was something stupid like that.