How to disable guest in ubuntu 16.10

Hi again, i updated to 16.10 which enabled guest session again and tried to disable it in the common places like
But actually this time it was placed in
which is different but rarely talked about how they move this file around (from where i see it ) I do this for a security prevention method and with every major update to the OS they always move it somewhere. I thought at first libpam-cracklib wasn't working but it was working perfectly fine.

well hopefully this helps for some who want to fix this on ubuntu 16.10

Let me fix this up to be more presentable

Guide to disable guest in Ubuntu 16.10 (yakkety)

You do not need to install any aditionaly software for this to work

no gsku or any program like that for just disabling your account all you need is just edit one line of a file and your good.

first open terminal

doesn't really matter what text editor that you use i personally use nano, just make sure to use either sudo or su to be root to edit the file type :

sudo nano /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-unity-greeter.conf

after that, type :


save the configuration file then reboot you device.

Then you're done


I could have sworn this was also configurable in the Settings GUI somewhere. That said, I haven't used Ubuntu in years.

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Why not just lock the guest account, if there is one?

~# usermod -L guest

Actually no (or not for me ) i tried under the users and it wasn't there

Actually never thought of that does it actually work?

Unsure, I don't run Ubuntu. But that is how you lock an account.