How to decompile a .exe

Hello, I got an exe which I want to look and the code behind it, I have extracted it using 7zip, but that just leaves with an SRC folder and some other files with the ".file" extention. 

How do I gort about viewing the actual code behind it all?


I've had good results with 7zip

7zip extracts the contents, but from there, I have a bunch of files with no way of opeing, when I use Notepad++, all I get is wsymbols and other misc crap

ok, a .exe is a binary file, the files you are extracting with 7zip are called resource files. these do not contain the code. if you want to get the code, you have to decompile it into ASM.ollydbg is one program that can do this that is free... but the "standard" is IDApro.

^And it doesn't always work properly either.

exes aren't supposed to be decompiled, imagine if you could decompile programs like photophop. Steal their algorithms, and use them in your own program. The companies obviously don't want this, and decompiling exes only seems to work in some rare cases.

well, technicaly it works 100% of the time, but 98% of the time there are tons of calls to external .dll files, and where origionaly there was 100 lines of asm, you end up with 50-60 thousand....

All I want to decompile is a launcher, not the actual files that get added to Program Files (x86)

yeah, its still an exe. you still have to decompile it into ASM. if you dont understand this concept, dont spend any money on ida.... try to start off small be decompiling simple programs you wrote.

You can't decompile an EXE back into source code unless it was created with AutoIt or some other scripting language like that. You can however use OllyDbg to go through the assembly while the executable is running. IDA is another great alternative to Olly but I find it a little more difficult to use.

If it's a .NET exe you can decompile it using Redgate's reflector - just keep downloading the trial version from . If that doesn't work, you can always use Olly - but it decompiles it into low-level assembly :S. I've never used this before, but you can try boomerang -

You can't decompile an executable into a higher level language then assembler language. Since assembler and machine code have a one-to-one correspondance this is easy to do however, languages such as C, BASIC and FORTRAN, no chance.