How to deal with ticketsystem denier?

we are currently working on implementing a ticketsystem for our helpdesk. We are 4 Supporter and about 100ish User over 9 Locations.
How would you deal with a guy who denies a ticketsystem because of fear someone would realize he does only half ass work.
His comments are like we don´t need that… we are only four people… our support exchange postbox does all we need.
Have to say this guy is also part of a 9 man team who is responsible for workers council.
He usually blocks everything thats new and diffrent. He is the guy who would deploy a 10 year old 100mbit Netgear Switch into production and comment thats enough for them…

I know its a bit of a rant also but how do you deal with those guys?

Unfortunately it seems like that unless you are management then you’re going to have a hard time “dealing with him”. I work quite a few people who are the same, and unless he’s younger he’ll probably continue to get away with doing the quality of work he is. My suggestion is to make sure you do move to the ticketing system, and if he’s in charge of the team, try to demonstrate ways of how the current system doesn’t work. It sounds like you have an uphill battle but ticketing systems are important so I hope you all can move over to one. Not sure if my post helps, but I hope it can provide a little direction.

He has about 3 years until retirement. My boss is on my side. The problem is that he is part of the workers council and he pulls that card where ever and when ever he can. I think its whats called labor union over the big pond.

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Did you translate Betriebsrat?

Sounds like he’s quite the asshole then. The union is supposed to act in favor of the employees, not threaten them to get their way.

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I can see both sides of this.

New systems are going to require setup and maintenance and that will take time away from getting the actual work done.

If there’s a benefit of some kind then it is worth it. Otherwise it is a waste of time.

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Yes Betriebsrat

Doesn’t seem like there is a way to deal with him. The only thing you can really do is start gathering the advantages of a ticket system and hold onto them when this turns into a debate.

One advantage I can already see is the ability to historically store resolutions to problems for new support people being onboarded since a shared mailbox isn’t super useful for a new starter.

You can use a ticket system that fluently integrates with the existing mail system, eg. when mail comes in that is on a new thread it opens a ticket for it. Answer can be via mail (reply_all to have comment in ticket system/colleagues) or in ticket system (where the ticket system additionally sends a mail).

It is great that you already have a dedicated mailbox instead of individuals getting pinged in various chat programs or direct mail, this makes it very visible on how much work comes in and how it is processed (great for data analysis for why maybe a ticket system might be better) - eg: internal comments, priority queue if really more than X tickets are open, and so forth.

Like previous comments said: find pro’s and con’s, evaluate them carefully and find a consensus between those 4 support people.
Good luck.

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Why not make this guy responsible for setting up and maintaining the ticketing system? I would think that kind of thing wouldn’t need ticketing, and would give him an ‘out’.

Frankly it’s not your job to deal with them unless you’re their manager.

Objections should be noted in the proposal to go with the new system on their behalf, decision would be made based on merit. They’re free to be in support of or against the decision, and they’re free to agree or disagree with the decision making process - they’re not the decision maker.

Ultimately, regardless of age or personal experience they need to do the work their role requires of them and there has to be the expectation of roles changing over time.

I would also be very careful to not dismiss the concerns of more experienced colleagues - but would not afraid to try new things out despite such concerns.

If your manager does not have the political will or pull, maybe your manager manager does? I’m curious how that relationship is working.

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I was the sole IT guy for a state school ~15 years ago and I had a ticket system half set up when I quit. It’s not about team sizes or organisation size… The benefits are still there even for 1 guy looking after a group of 20 or so users.
I don’t know why anyone in IT would refuse to use a decent ticketing system. There’s basically no cons and all pros.

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Your pros are literally his cons, the logging. It is great to have that system to track work, this person does not like to work and that very beneficial logging of work done would expose him as lazy.


unless he’s yer boss over rule him with a majority.
and remind him that your all running a business to make money, and the best way to make that business profitable is RETURNING CUSTOMERS! :wink: . the only way you get them is to make yourself valuable to them and you wont do that if you keep trying to short em with good enough.

also if your on a team with him then make a presentation of time and motion to your boss and show him the ticketing system is a more efficient use of your teams time.
as opposed to his method specifically, hopefully with the end result of yer local yokel will have to adapt or move on.

good luck.

pst. last resort is the hr dept. but i dont think you wanna play the woke card. :wink: