How to crossfire CPU graphics and GPU

So i am making a cheap system and the main premise of the system is that it can crossfire with the Cpu graphics. How do i set it up so both are being used, feel free to answer or give a video of a tutorial on how to do it! 

You don't know what your talking about.

Crossfire is a way to pare up 2 or more AMD cards. It's sort of the same as Nvidia SLI. You need 2 same GPU for Crossfire/SLI.


The actual term for it is 'Hybrid Crossfire'.

I didn't know that this exists. My mistake. I don't think it will make your system faster, as for a budget PC your rather safe on the CPU and buy a better GPU if you want to game on your system. If you look at the Wiki page you can read that it is only supported for Win Vista but I don't know if the Page is outdated.




You are looking for HybridCrossfire or Dual Graphics. That is when you pair an APU's onboard graphics power with a discrete AMD GPU to get better performance. 

Note that not all APUs can run in dual graphics mode with every AMD GPU. The choices are actually very slim and relegated to low powered GPUs. 

For example the A10-7850K can only use dual graphics with the R7 240 and 250 GPUs. 

That being said when building a system it is usually a bad idea to go with an APU and then run dual graphics. 

For less money you could buy a CPU like a 760k and pair it with something like an R9 270. That would be a about the same price or even a little cheaper and easily outclass the dual graphics setup.

Could you guys just tell me how do it, please, just for the record. Because I would be really interested in how to do it!

somewhere in catalyst there's an on/off toggle, should be as simple as that


So long as you have hardware that supports it.


*PC explodes