How to crop screen on monitor?

Is there a way (software?) to crop the screen to only use for example the middle 500x300 pixels?
Like underscanning?

i need this for a diy beamer i-am making with a overhead projector and LCD but the lcd is a bit to big.....

This might help, I'll plug in my LCD and check.

edit: Nah, cant get mine to do anything interesting with that.

You could find an old nvidia card that keystone works on.

Grab X11 in ffmpeg, and embed it into a flat black jpeg and then stream it, open it on the other monitor in vlc.

Or use a virtual machine.

It is such BS with windoes desktop that you cant shrink the bastrd

what are you beaming?
i would guess it would be more practical to just adjust your software, or footage,
unless you need to like contain the actual desktop, and mouse

i'd like to beam some games movies, browsing etc.
but a full dekstop would be much more usefull

streaming is not a great option

thank you for testing ;)

What is the graphics card, High end and you want to play AAA stuff?

well i want to use it on different computers but, the laptop on wich i'll be using it the most has a Radeon 6770m
So some light games and a bit GTA V

You could put it through a capture device of some kind, latency issues though.

Might be easier to get a different LCD that fits.

It might be worth playing with CRU, My monitor maybe just cant handle anything strange, Be careful with it.

i'll try CRU thank you ;)