How to create effect similar to Tek Syndicate's menu?

Hi, I'm working on a small site for fun/educational purposes, and I was thinking of creating a menu bar similar to the one here on tek syndicate (in the sense that when you scroll down, it will stick to the top of the page). I'm not talking about poisition:fixed; top:0;, I have a banner, with the menu underneath - the menu is a unordered list within a div, and i was wondering what I would need to add to get it to "stick" to the top of the page when you scroll down.


Just look at the source code, and then work from there. 

TekSyndicate uses Twitter Bootstrap and it comes with a plugin called Affix - - this plugin is responsible for the sticky nav after scrolling.

However, If you're not using bootstrap, there are multiple options for adding this functionality to your site. (or google "javascript sticky nav", "scrollspy", etc)