How to create a virtual network

So I need to test some appliances and my work doesn't want to give me some VMs

so I have my laptop, now I can connect to our wifi but its configured as such you can't really run services or bridge VMs to it.

so I want to create a local network of say 3-4 VMs on my laptop and from my webbrowser on the host, connect to them.

I am using VM ware and fedora, how would I go about doing this? most sources only say to bridge to your router and get a separate local IP for it 192.168.0.x

Id suggest if you need to shield yourself from the LAN network at work, just use a router/access point, anything which can seperate two networks and still function as a gateway would work really. Else with virtual box you can make internal/virtual networks where you can assign the VMs to connect to. The later solution can be abit of a hazzle though since if i recollect the virtual networks have some kind of DHCP server attached to the network, or something like it atleast which may cause some problems, not sure if you can disable the feature or not, havent really tried the internal networks alot myself.

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Check out ZeroTier. They have mesh-based VPNs that mostly "just work" once you install a software client on each system that you want to be a part of the VPN. Older versions of their code has been reviewed by Steve Gibson (of and while he didn't want to go official and endorse the product, he said it looked safe to him (he has a tweet somewhere with this info - my GoogleFu was failing me in finding it for you right now, sorry).

I've been using them for about a year and a half now and as long as you're willing to uninstall and reinstall the client if it doesn't "just work" on the first try, I've not really had any other problems and it's been a tremendously useful tool to have!

Not familiar with VMware but I run VMs on local virtual NAT using virtual box at work. You can access VMs behind NAT from the host but you need to configure port forwarding to them. Virtual box isn't very good but does make all of these steps very easy including a GUI config for port forwarding. It also works well with Vagrant.

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Do you need to use multiple VM's for the application you want to test? If you're testing a server application I would just set the server app and your client to run off the localhost in the VM. Once it's configured you should be able to run the server app and the client app on the same VM.

Edit: Clarified a bit.

well I eventually want to put my Xeon machine to use and have multiple VMs on my network, but i also want to have shit set up on my laptop and sometimes wifi hotspots don't like a single device becoming 4-10 devices.