How to costumize KDE?

Hey guys!

I finally managed to install Arch on my system, then I installed KDE (I love it by the way) and started to customize it a little. Now I have a cool color scheme (dark copper) but my taskbar it's still white and light blue and it look terrible.
How can I tweak the color of it? Then I would like to change my application launcher, I would like something more minimal, do you have any suggestion??

Thanks in advice

If you click the little fireball in the corner and search "Icon Only Task Manager" I think that will be what you're looking for. Also somewhere in the absolute mess of menus there will be an appearence menu or something like that somewhere. You can also download themes.

The kind of customization I was looking for was in Setting > System Settings > Workspace themes > Desktop theme.

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The control centre isnt always intuitive, but its all there.

An interesting feature for the plasma desktop, if you right click components there's a menu entry for something like "alternative options" (i dont have it installed atm) that will give you alternatives to the component you are using. So you can change the menu launcher that way.

you definitely have to look around a little bit at the beginning. Thank for "alternative options" tip, the application launcher looks much better now.