How to convert my brother to the Master Race

I have tried on my own multiple times to convert my 15 year old brother. But, he says "I don't care about technology, I just play games." No matter what I do, he always says that. Help...?

show the games he plays on consoles on a PC see if the graphics and modding don't change his mind.

Already tried. He says "I don't care about tech, I just play games"

well you can't force him to join, all you can do is show him why it's better. or you can be drastic and say "i won't pay for your xbox live or Playstation plus anymore" lol

Good one...

Don't force it on him, that's really the worse thing you could do, it's going to make him feel more pride for his console. And if he prefers that then its fine, its gaming after all. You can maybe make him jealous of pc gaming by playing some games, make some noise act like you are wow'd and I'm sure he will want some of the experience.  

Haven't tried that yet. I have Skyrim with tons of graphics, texture, sound, and general experience mods. Should I try that?

Hope someone cracks this nut. My brother is talking about a PS4. I tried to hook him with family sharing my library of 185 games. He just game me a blank look. Makes me kind of frustrated and sad. You think he would love it. He is an Aerospace Engineer. Every time I try to bring it up he cuts off the conversation like I'm trying to convert him to Islam. The last gaming computer he had was a Atari XE. 

Why would you try to convert him if he is content with his current gaming experience?

You could show him that it is better but that can take away from his fun. Is it not about having a fun time? When did graphics, mods, and the like  become more important than just having fun? 

Not even 185 games? Wow... I would show him graphics, gameplay and modding. And the cheap prices of games. And since the Atari XE, consoles right now aren't even at 1080p yet. Shows the pure lack of power

This is like forcing a person into a different religion. Just forget about it. PCs are as shit as consoles, think about it.

Mainly because since the games are $60, he can't buy a bunch of them, like I can. He has no Summer Sale. He has no Indie scene. Plus, why game on a console then go to work on a PC? You could do both of them on a PC. And plus he could emulate all of his games, even his precious PS2, which is broken but still has.

Sounds dumb and irrelevant to the point. If he is happy with what he is doing then let him be happy. You're only being intrusive and preventing that.

I wonder how many users have asked the same thing but trying to turn a PC user into a Mac user. This is where the same logic applies.

I showed him Sniper Elite V2 on my machine running at full blast. A game he loved and played on PS3. Said he could not tell a difference. 

All is shit in terms of sofware, but consoles are way more shit compared to PCs.


Because all you do is just make necessary connections, do some simple setup and it just werks. Yep, I can see why is that a shit job than constructing your own PC with a crane and a purchased land. More work experience. Yep... We can even build a penthouse and a brothel with PCs, let alone consoles.

I can see your brother's point.

the only valid argument is that the games are cheeper on PC, but you'll probably have to spend multiples of what a console costs to get graphics that are better enough to make the switch so the cost/benefit analysis is not that clear cut unless he is a massive gamer and plays lots of games.

the PC involves so much more hassle than turning on a console. console is more conducive to casual gaming, the pc is a tinkerer's dream, hence this entire site.

Show him the Steam sales and hook up your pc to a large tv with Steam in big picture mode using a pad to show how it emulates the console experience.

If he still isn't bothered let him enjoy his ignorance.